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Memfur Storeez

Belle's Storee

I have bin wanting to rite to tell you that I paid another visit to the klub website and it is just gitting better and better all of the time. I wanted to sign the dreembook but for some reezon it didn't want to konnek just then so I will try agin. That lounge is sooooooo comfy. I tried out the scratching sofa and took a big hurk on the karpet and just felt so good. I also see that we have new memfurs which is grate!

So ennyway we are all fine....even tho that #$@ yung pippy keeps trien to sell me to the hiest bidder ah well.....guess I just have to put up with it. Hope you all have a wunnerful Chrissmus (I just can't git used to calling it Kissamouse because when I was in the OUT I used to eet those critters and I wudn't kiss one fur the life of me). So, at leest we all have nice warm howses to sleep in and good fud to eet and hoomins who love us and lots of frends. It is a good life after all.....

Belle (prowd memfur of the misunfurstood kitties klub)

Merlins Storee

Merlin says he luvs da poem an he has taken over mummies pillow now, an last night dere was an apartment block in daddy's wardrobe wiv Yeti, russion princess, (hoo reelly iz a blak an wite cat wiv now spesal fings to say she iz a princess, only herownself) an she waz on floor wun an Freya grey cat i haz to beet up waz on floor foor. meownself waz on da bed an thomasina tid bit waz everywhere.
an i iz a fierec bengal tiger an hav been beeting up paper tigers all nite until we goez to bed an i caught a lion yesterdayz an it waz huge an mummy sayz fanku for da mouse, she waz bllind i finks. it waz a huge lion. all fierce but not az fierce as me was, and maybe i lost hair on my face from da fox up da lane, but i am fierce so its no matter. luv merlin fierce bengal tiger.

Geezer and me, Lucky, just went to da loungi. We'z scwatched and scwatched da cowch, buts we's gots none ob dem cwaws, so we'z cauzed no damajes. We'z pwayed unda da wug for a wong time. Geezer is so thtupid, he wuz awlwayz wookin at da wong end. What a thtupid kitty. I'z a bootiful kitty.

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